Getting the Safety We Deserve: COVID CPS FAQ

With Chicago Public Schools reopening, people all across the city were left confused and unsettled. We know there’s a lot of information to sift through as we continue to all grapple with how to keep our schools and communities safe from COVID.   We put together this FAQ to help parents understand why CPS was not prepared for the recent COVID surge, what agreement the teachers reached with CPS and what you can do to keep our schools Read more

Illinois People’s Agenda

Counter to the narrative coming out of the Governor’s office, the People’s Agenda points out that the state of Illinois is not spending too much, but rather is spending too little. Illinois has the 5th largest economy in the country and is the 13th wealthiest state, yet ranks 47th in spending on K-12 education, higher education, healthcare, public safety, and human services. In order to bring Illinois in line with other Midwest states, the Read more

Downtown Prosperity, Neighborhood Neglect

Grassroots Collaborative’s report, Downtown Prosperity, Neighborhood Neglect: Chicago’s Black and Latino Workers Left Behind looks at the racial inequality created by city priorities through exploration of US Census data. The report lays out a sharp racial disparity in downtown job gains and losses.  From 2002 to 2011, Black majority city zip codes suffered a median loss of 620 downtown jobs per zip code and Latino majority city Read more

Turned Around

A report by the ReFund America project on how the swaps that were supposed to save Illinois millions turned toxic. Illinois is in the throes of a major budget crisis. Even though residents have had to bear draconian cuts as critical services have been defunded, Wall Street has gotten a free pass in the state’s budget stalemate. More than halfway through the current fiscal year (as of January 2016), the Illinois General Assembly has Read more