Turned Around

A report by the ReFund America project on how the swaps that were supposed to save Illinois millions turned toxic.

Illinois is in the throes of a major budget crisis. Even though residents have had to bear draconian cuts as critical services have been defunded, Wall Street has gotten a free pass in the state’s budget stalemate. More than halfway through the current fiscal year (as of January 2016), the Illinois General Assembly has still been unable to pass a budget because Governor Bruce Rauner has refused to make a budget deal until he gets his anti-union “Turnaround Agenda”. As a result, Illinois has delayed, reduced, or ceased funding for critical services, like low-income child care programs, domestic violence services, immigrant family services, need-based college grants, youth programs, and homeless services, to name a few. At the same time that the state has been unwilling to meet its obligations to social service providers, Illinois has nevertheless been paying banks for a whole host of inancial services, like interest rate swaps.