Illinois People’s Agenda Training Toolkit

We believe the only way we will fix our state and win the communities we want to live in is by coming together to share our experiences, educating ourselves and each other. Below are toolkits you can use to host your own training with your organization, friends, or family.

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Mythbusting Toolkit – To educate participants on the truth behind common myths about the Illinois Economy utilizing the Human Spectrogram exercise, which is often used to discover similarities and differences within a group and get a spectrum of comments on an issue. (download) Illinois Budget Mythbusting Fact Sheet.

Storytelling Toolkit – To help tell our own stories in powerful ways, connect with others in the movement Identify sources of support and empowerment within each other. Identify common challenges in our stories that we find ways around blocks to sustain our activism. (download)

Penny Budget Toolkit – To demonstrate to participants the need for additional state revenue and encourage them to think creatively about what a budget that reflects their values would look like. (download) (sample IL Budget Sheet).  Toolkit adapted from Penny Budget exercise developed by AFSC.

People’s Agenda Writeup – Information handout. Description of the People’s Agenda and the 2017 legislative platform. (download)