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Help Address Violence and Create Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods by Fighting for a Better Chicago City Budget

The Chicago City budget has a huge impact on the lives of everyone who lives and works in Chicago – from determining who has access to clean lead-free water, what communities will have access to mental health care, and if we will invest in our young people through after-school programs or criminalize them through policing and surveillance. The city budget is a vote to decide who and what prioritize, who has to pay and who gets paid.  

Fortunately if you join with others across the city in taking action we can put pressure on the Chicago City Council, who the Mayor needs to approve the budget, to amendments budget to improve to put more money where it is needed most so that all of our neighborhoods can be safe and thriving. 

Contact your alderperson and urge them to direct all federal relief dollars to communities hit hardest by decades of disinvestment and the pandemic, and vote for a budget that puts Chicagoans first.

This year’s budget is especially important because it will determine how Chicago spends the nearly $2 billion in federal COVID relief funds. Mayor Lightfoot has announced her plan on how to spend the money, including many of the things that community advocates have been pushing for years, including more money for homeless services and gender based violence services. However, too much money is going to the banks and not enough to the neighborhoods where it is most needed. It also needs to do more to address the lead pipes, violence prevention, police and surveillance overspending.