Getting the Safety We Deserve: COVID CPS FAQ

With Chicago Public Schools reopening, people all across the city were left confused and unsettled. We know there’s a lot of information to sift through as we continue to all grapple with how to keep our schools and communities safe from COVID.   We put together this FAQ to help parents understand why CPS was not prepared for the recent COVID surge, what agreement the teachers reached with CPS and what you can do to keep our schools Read more

Grassroots Collaborative Statement on 2022 Chicago City Budget Vote

A Step Forward, More Work to Do Over the course of multiple administrations, neighborhood groups, labor unions, and community leaders have come together to fight for the resources that working families need to heal and thrive. Daley, Emanuel, and Lightfoot, in turn, repeatedly expended political capital to try and squash these grassroots efforts.  This budget cycle was unique because of the huge sums of federal relief money Read more

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Lightfoot’s Proposed Budget

At the end of September, Mayor Lightfoot unveiled her proposal for next year’s city budget. The budget has a huge impact on the lives of everyone who lives and works in Chicago. From determining who has access to clean, lead-free water, what communities will have access to mental health care, and if we will invest in our young people through after-school programs or criminalize them through policing and surveillance. The city budget is a vote to Read more

Reimagine Chicago

Every Chicagoan--no matter our race, income or neighborhood we live in--deserves a safe community and resources to thrive. But for too long, corporate interests and City Hall have pitted us against each other while allocating 40% of its budget to the Chicago Police Department. Claiming there is no money in the budget for vital services like mental health and housing, while handing out billions of dollars to CPD and tax subsidies to Read more