Mayor 1% and Parting City Council Leave Behind a Legacy of Economic Segregation


On Wednesday, despite an outpouring of public opposition, Chicago City Council voted to approve two new megaTIF districts that will impact Chicago for decades to come. Grassroots Collaborative has worked for years to stop the abuses of the TIF program and helped lead a diverse coalition in opposition to the Lincoln Yards and the 78 megaTIFs. The following is a statement from Grassroots Collaborative Executive Director Amisha Patel.

“The decision to move forward these megaTIFs epitomizes a legacy that has been a disaster for working families. Throughout his administration Mayor Emanuel has governed as the mayor of two cities. In one he closed schools, shuttered clinics, and nickled and dimed residents with fees and tickets. In the other, he rolled out the red carpet for the corporate elite, all at the expense of working families.

“Grassroots Collaborative will continue to work towards ending the abuses of the TIF program, and the racial and economic inequality it produces. We will continue to organize for a vibrant city that attracts good jobs and economic development without handing out billions of our tax dollars to the wealthy.”