People’s Agenda Update


Springfield ended their regular legislative session – once again without a budget in place. But instead of packing up and going home for the summer, they are going into overtime. This means that there is still time to win the fully-funded budget that our communities deserve.

But that’s not all we’ll be fighting for. In the last few weeks of the regular session Grassroots Collaborative, working with our partners and allies, moved forward some key pieces of the Illinois People’s Agenda platform.

Click here to send a quick thank you to the legislators who helped champion the Illinois People’s Agenda this legislative session.

$15 Minimum Wage SB 81 (Senator Hutchinson/ Rep. Guzzardi) –

Legislation to raise the state minimum wage to $15/hr passed out of the Illinois House and Senate and is now headed to the Governor’s desk.

Illinois Trust Act SB 31 (President Cullerton /Rep. Hernandez /Rep. Welch) –

Legislation to provide protection for Illinois immigrant communities passed out of both the Illinois House and Senate and is headed to the Governor’s desk. 

Elected Representative School Board HB 1774 (Rep. Martwick/Sen. Raoul) –

Legislation to give control of the Chicago school board back to the people of Chicago passed out of the House and Senate. After one more vote in the House (on an amendment) it will be headed to the Governor’s desk.

Closing the Carried Interest Tax Loophole SB 1719 (Rep. Welch/Sen. Biss) –

Legislation that will close the expensive carried interest tax loophole in Illinois passed out of the Senate and is currently being considered as a revenue option in the House budget negotiations. 

Restoring Childcare Assistance for Low-Income Students HB 3213 (Rep. Wallace/Sen. Aquino/Sen. Biss)

Legislation to restore the cuts made to the child care assistance program passed out of the House and Senate and is headed to the Governor’s desk. 

Payment Prioritization HB 3871 (Rep. Martwick) –

Legislation to prioritize paying for human services and education before Wall Street banks passed out of the House executive committee. Bill has been granted an extension to June 30th to be passed. 

TIF Money for School Wrap-Around Services HB 3720 (Rep. Harper) –

Legislation creates parameters for TIF surpluses and mandates that money is used for school-based social services like social workers and school nurses, and special education services. Bill passed the Illinois House and will be taken up in the Senate in the future.  

During this overtime session we will be asking you to contact your legislators and Governor Rauner at key points to make sure that this legislation gets over the finish line. But before we do that we want to ask you to take a moment to thank our champions in the legislature who helped us get to this point.

Click here to send a message thanking the sponsors of People’s Agenda legislation.

And THANK YOU for everything you have done to move the People’s Agenda platform forward. I look forward to fighting alongside you in the months to come.

Together we will win the state we deserve.