IL Senate Passes Illinois Trust Act


On Thursday, the Illinois Trust Act passed out of the Illinois Senate with a  31-21 vote.

From Illinois Patch:

The Illinois Senate passed a bill aimed at encouraging cooperation between undocumented immigrants and state law enforcement agencies while discouraging unwarranted cooperation between federal immigration. The Trust Act, sponsored by Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago), passed 31-21 Thursday and will be taken up by the House this week.

“If someone is going to be detained in Illinois it should be because an actual crime has occurred, not because of how they look, what they believe or what paperwork they may or may not have,” said Cullerton.

The Senate proposal, SB31, would ban the detention of immigrants in local jails by federal authorities without criminal warrants, stop federal agents from arresting people inside state-funded school or health care facilities, and bar any local participating in a federal immigrant or religious registry. The bill would also strengthen legal protections for immigrant victims of crimes.

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