Community Declares State of Emergency in Illinois


On Thursday, while legislators in Springfield move towards stop-gap measures, a broad coalition of organizations representing residents being hurt by the continued state budget impasse will rally in support of a budget that fully funds the services and programs communities need.

The last twelve months have devastated the state: after-school programs have closed, summer jobs have been cut, anti-violence programs have been dismantled, public universities are at risk of shutting down, thousands of working families applying for child care assistance are no longer eligible, seniors and those with disabilities who apply are not receiving needed independent living services. The lack of a budget and years of disinvestment from vulnerable populations and communities of color has created a state of emergency in Illinois.

Meanwhile, rich individuals and wealthy corporations continue to profit from the budget impasse. Governor Rauner and his top donors like Ken Griffin have received tens of millions in tax breaks. Ken Griffin’s 2015 tax break alone is enough money to pay to restore funding for the anti-violence program CeaseFire and provide home care for 1,570 seniors. On Thursday, community residents will make clear that taking resources from seniors, children, and Black & Brown communities to pay for tax cuts for the rich is unacceptable.