Failure to Pass Fair Tax Amendment Will Take High Human Toll in Illinois

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Springfield, IL – Today the House failed to bring the Fair Tax Amendment (HJRCA 59) to a vote, missing the deadline for placing it on the ballot for the upcoming November elections.  The Fair Tax amendment, that would have allowed voters to vote on a constitutional amendment to implement a progressive income tax, enjoyed massive public support in both Democratic and Republican districts. By not taking up the amendment, Governor Rauner and House Republicans allowed Illinois to continue to head in the wrong direction.

“Increasing state revenue has become a matter of life and death in our community,” stated Erica Rangel with Enlace Chicago. “Our Ceasefire program has saved lives and prevented numerous acts of violence before they happen. The reality is that by not passing common sense revenue Springfield is choosing to let people die instead of making the needed investment in the future of our young people.”

Amisha Patel, Executive Director of Grassroots Collaborative stated, “Springfield should have learned by now that not voting on the tough issues does not make them go away. Our state needs long term structural solutions. Illinois ranks 47th in spending on core public services despite being the 5th largest economy in the US. We have a real revenue problem, we need our leaders to not run away and address this structural issue. We cannot have a stable budget until we modernize our tax structure and make the rich pay their fair share.

Governor Rauner has used his bully pulpit, PAC funds, and his role as head of the Illinois GOP to recklessly push his own personal agenda at the expense of Illinois’s people and economy. The Turnaround Agenda is dead. Instead of pressuring his party to obstruct passage of popular, equitable, and rational solutions Governor Rauner should be working with the legislature to fully fund the programs and services our state needs.”

Even without Fair Tax being on the ballot in November, there are many other revenue solutions that legislators can pursue including closing corporate loopholes, enacting a financial transaction tax, and ending bad bank deals. A full list of revenue solutions can be found the in Grassroots Collaborative’s People’s Agenda: