Decatur Residents Demand Illinois Budget with New Revenue

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As Budget Impasse Continues, Residents Speak Out on Damage Being Done to Local Community

Decatur, IL – On Monday, Decatur residents and elected officials called on officials in Springfield to pass a fair budget that raises new revenue from those who can most afford it, and funds the programs and services that Decatur residents need.

Speaker after speaker detailed the devastating impacts that the 10 month old budget impasse has had on Decatur residents.  Speakers called on Gov. Rauner and other officials in Springfield to stop holding the budget hostage, and pass a fair budget with new revenue before the end of May.

“I’ve been hurt by the budget impasse and so have my children,” stated Amber Ginger during the press conference. “My son can no longer go to the doctor to get the services that he needs because of the lack of a state budget. Our lights are off because of the budget impact on the LIHEAP program. I’m speaking out because I know I am not the only one being impacted, there are many other people in Decatur with their lights off too.”

Participants made it clear that they believe there is a way forward.  They asked legislators in Springfield to take immediate action to create new revenue for the state, by asking the wealthy of our state to pay their fair share.

“The people of Decatur are a smart investment. We need a state budget that recognizes that fully funding programs and services help our residents succeed and contribute back to the state economy,” said Lisa Stanley, City of Decatur Supervisor.

“We need to have real revenue solutions,” stated Cheryl Flowers, Grassroots Collaborative organizer and Decatur resident. “Illinois is the 5th largest economy in the US but ranks 47th in spending on public services. We have to stop trying to cut our way out of this mess and instead invest back into the people of our state as our Midwestern neighbors have. If we had their tax rates we would be talking about surpluses instead of deficits. Decatur residents deserve to be invested in.”